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New! Veggie Garden2go Solar Hydroponic food/pot growing system · Aeroponic Tower Garden food/herb growing system · Tower Garden solar/season extender/solar/plant protection accessories and edible organic seedlings · 5 easy grow-your-own tips · SolaReflex and Snow White CoolTarps for cool roofs, walls, indoor growing · Heating drapes/Thermal barrier fabric · BISFA (solar forced air) heating panels · Solar Still for pure drinking water ·  SolaReflex AA Octagon Parabolic solar cooker ·  SolarReflex 97% diffused reflector foil · SolaReflex AA 95% mirror reflector and daylighting panels · New 3rd Gen. Spa/pool Water Heating Film · Lightweight Wood Pellet Biofuel cooker · Blackflex foil solar heat absorber (see bottom of page)

Our unique renewable energy and high efficiency products are the most affordable and most efficient way for you to reduce the high cost of conventional energy. The fuel source for our products is the sun, which is free and pure. On our web pages you'll find a variety of high quality solar thermal and related products created by ClearDome Solar Thermal in San Diego, California.

We are also a distributor for the aeroponic Tower Garden vertical food growing system (bottom photo) by Juice Plus+ and offer solar powered pump kits, season extender accessories and edible organic seedlings to accelerate growing delicious, healthy food at home. And here is the perfect TG growing companion for those food plants you can't grow in the Tower Garden, like potatoes, garlic, carrots or medicinal pot. Have a look at our new solar hydroponic Veggie Garden2go food and medicinal pot growing system.

Keep your home or Tower Garden warmer in winter and cooler in summer
With our Solar Heating Drapes, BISFA Air Heating Panels
Thermal Barrier Fabric, and two highly reflective
CoolTarps for the coolest Roofs
Click for more details on our two CoolTarps The high cost to keep your home more comfortable without spending all your hard-earned money is now possible with four popular passive, low-cost radiant thermal products created by ClearDome Solar Thermal. Installation and use is simple and more affordable than any other type of solar product made.

Shown in the left photo is our Snow White Cooltarp installed on a roof. We added the icicles in this photo to highlight the 40-50 degree F cooling effect it has on roofs and walls in the heat of summer (icicles aren't included, but you can add your own if you want to impress your neighbors). Click on this link to for more details on the two most solar reflective cool roof products made.

Click here for prices and latest details on our affordable Solar Heating Drapes and reflective Thermal Barrier fabric, that can be used in both summer and winter to increase or restrict the natural flow of heat into or out of a building through windows. It also protects garden plants from blazing hot summer sun, including food growing in the new aeroponic vertical Tower Garden food growing system from Juice Plus+' (right photo), which is now available, along with our new solar hydroponic Veggie Garden2go food/pot growing system and other unique solar, season-extending add-ons and plant protection products.

Both make the perfect urban survival garden, especially in small sunlit spaces. And over 800+ organic/non-GMO edible earth or Tower Garden-ready fruit, veggie, herb and flower seedlings are growing and now available for pickup in San Diego by appointment or by mail order online

On hot summer days as window screens or above windows or patio covers as a sun shade, it will reflect most of the solar generated heat away from the building before it enters through windows. 45% diffused light still enters, but 70% of the heat is blocked.

The best winter use is hanging it on the inside of windows, patio doors or skylights, where about 50% of your room's warmth is lost to the cold. Read more about Thermal Barrier Fabric and Solar Heating Drapes below. New Snow White CoolTarp is for larger installations SolaReflex CoolTarp reduces solar heating by 97%

CoolTarp stops nearly all direct solar generated heat gain on roofs, walls, patios, RV's, boats, pet or animal enclosures, and outside spaces. We offer two of the best solar reflective tarps made(up to 97.4%)--even better than our Thermal Barrier Fabric. They are the world's coolest and strongest solar tarps made. The most reflective is called SolaReflex CoolTarp (click for details), shown on the left keeping a 135 degree F roof cool--to only 62 degrees. It is also ideal for indoor growers to increase productivity by reducing light absorption on walls. Snow White CoolTarp is best on the floor to reflect light back to the plants.

For larger size roofs or walls, try our Snow White CoolTarp, (click for details), shown in the right photo. It is more affordable with nearly the same solar heat and light reflectance as fresh snow at about 82% but it's five times thicker and seven times stronger than SolaReflex or typical colored utility tarps that absorb the sun's energy and radiate ample heat. We call it "passive solar cooling by reflection" and these outstanding long life tarps can save up to 35% in summer cooling costs.

Second generation<br> Dome Solar Still/Pasteurizer 
Water Purifier
Solar Still update-

Our new second generation personal Dome Solar Still Water Purifier/Pasteurizer, left, will soon be replaced by a more affordable and easier to use 3rd generation still that is portable and produces more pure water than previous solar stills.

It took over 10 years of constant testing, innovation and trial and error to make the first generation triangular shaped still, and in the last few years we've made many improvements and design changes for the more compact still. Our dome-shaped still design is more efficient, more wind resistant, unbreakable, and much easier to set up and use.

It's the first personal solar still made that can evaporate about 1.5 quarts of ultra pure distilled water in 24 hours, or Pasteurize up to 6 quarts (liters) of water in 4 hours. And it includes the same unique automatic gravity feed foul water feeding system as the previous still. You won't find this on any other solar stills.

To read more about our older previous generation personal solar distillers and for more details on the upcoming 3rd generation portable solar still, please click here and you'll see more photos and read about all the benefits of ultra purifying nearly any type of source water into delicious drinking water using only the evaporative power of the sun.

The total dissolved solids (TDS) in solar purified water from our stills average 0-5 parts per million, while tap water ranges from 250-500, and filtered bottle water is around 20-50 TDS. It's the purest, best tasting drinking water made.

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Most orders are processed in 1-3 weeks, depending on the type of product, and if any pre-assembly is required by us before shipment. For example, our solar forced air heaters and new solar stills are not fully assembled until the order is confirmed, and when we are overwhelmed with orders, it can take as many as 4-6 weeks to process the order. To check on current processing and delivery times, please click on the email links to ask for a current update.

Here are more details on Thermal Barrier Fabric and Solar Heating Drapes--

Thermal Barrier Fabric can cover an open beam patio cover or awning, which in summer reduces downward heat transmission.  It can be also as a temporary thermal shade cloth above a roof or greenhouse to reduce solar heat gain by 35 or more degrees. It can be attached to existing window coverings or hung from includedSolar heating drape material-click to enlarge suction cup hooks. Use it on camping trips or outings as a lightweight sunshade. As an added benefit, 15 mph winds will slow to only 2-3 mph  behind either fabric outdoors on your next outing, which nearly eliminates the wind chill effect on cool days.

Sunlit windows can now be turned into giant solar radiators with our new interior black Radiant solar heating drapes (photo on right). If you choose to not block the view outdoors, you can even lay them flat on the sunlit floor near windows. And to speed snow or ice melting on sunlit driveways or walkways, lay the fabric over the snow or ice and weigh down the corners with rocks or bricks. Instead of being highly reflective like the thermal barrier fabric, it is a deep black, heat and UV resistant HDPE (high density polyethylene)weatherproof plastic cloth and specially designed to absorb solar energy and efficiently convert it to heat.  It's not a total black out curtain because the outside can be seen on a sunny day.

Positioned near a clear glass surface, temperatures well over 130 F degrees can be generated and radiated back into the room on cold, sunny winter days. In numerous tests in Missouri and New York, on sunny days with 0-20 temperatures outdoors, heating fabric morning temps rose up to 115-125 degrees F behind clear double glazed glass. By heating the fabric and glass above the ambient room temperature, heat can't escape and the windows become thermal barriers to reduce further heat loss. That's because hot always travels to cold, and not the opposite.

A natural, affordable alternative for winter heating . . .

ClearDome Solar (BISFA) Forced Air Heaters

Here's the most efficient way to stay cozy this winter and feel the warmth of pure, safe active solar heat...  at home, at play, and at work.  Our solar forced air heaters work at any elevation, at any temperature and even on light cloudy days.

50 - 70% of your yearly utility costs are spent on heating during winter months so you'll find this to be another affordable way to reduce expensive heating bills. They heat faster and warm larger spaces better than our Solar Heating Drapes mentioned above. When south facing sunlit windows aren't available for solar heating, our solar forced air panels can be wall or roof mounted so the warm air can be ducted into living spaces below. You can heat just an enclosed room or an entire home or office, depending on how many of our  high quality solar air heating collectors you install, even during power outages!

Click for more details on the New BISFA heating panel
We are one of only a handful of renewable energy companies in the world that design and sell high quality active solar forced air heaters for both residential and commercial use.

Our 6th generation Building Integrated Solar Forced Air heating panels (BISFA), left, are designed for sunlit south facing wall mounts, in existing 16" standing seam metal roofs, and stand-alone installations as in this photo. Since they only weigh 3.5 pounds per linear foot, they are also ideal for RV's, boats, campers and remote uses.

We've combined the strength, durability and great looks of the metal framed Exterior panel and the affordability of the previous generation Low Profile panel into the new BISFA heating panel, which comes in three sizes. It's 30% hotter, and more efficient so you get more usable heat per dollar, since each 8' panel generates over 800 watts of heat energy using only the power of the sun.  The internal solar heat absorber has been upgraded with a superior quality "selective surface" sheet of our new Ultra Blackflex solar heat collector that provides 95% solar absorption and .05 emissivity. Our fourth generation Exterior heating panel was first tested in the High Sierras

Mammoth Mountain Ski area in the California High Sierras has been using seven of our 4th generation Exterior forced air heating panels, seen in this photo, on their remote ski lift shacks on 10,000 foot high mountain ridges to increase warmth inside and reduce expensive heating costs. Each small building is subject to extreme temperatures (as low as -25 degrees F), high wind (110 mph+) and heavy hail and snow conditions unlike most other places on earth. After over four years of frequent use, we're confident they, and our newest, more durable BISFA panels can also withstand the most severe weather conditions.  

The Building Integrated Solar Forced Air heat collectors come in three sizes are so affordable ($549-$980 each), you don't need a government tax rebate program to afford one of the most efficient (estimated 75-80%), least costly types of solar renewable energy products available for domestic use.

Generate off-the-gird,  free hot air for your home when our optional custom 10 watt solar electric PV panel is used to power the fan that circulates the warm air.. . . even in extremely cold temperatures high in the mountains. They can also be mounted on RV's boats and trailor homes.  Click for more details on our BISFA heating panels.

Have a look at our short PowerPoint (for PC's only, sorry-no Macs) presentation about the BISFA panel complete with photos and more details that's 2.4 MB large, and easy for most computers to view. It will take a few seconds to load or save, and once you've downloaded the first page that starts with "focus", use your right and left arrows and page up and down, home and end, to move through the program. When finished, use your back button to come back to your last web page. Click here to see or download the informative BISFA PowerPoint presentation.

Lightweight, unbreakable ClearDome SolaReflex
Parabolic Cooking Reflectors Are the Fastest & Hottest!
ClearDome SolaReflex 900 (discontinued) cooks in snow with our Clear Dome pot cover Sneak peek of our upcoming SolaReflex AA Octagon Parabolic cooker
The popular (but recently discontinued) SolaReflex 900 on the left is shown cooking in the snow on a freezing day.
And here's a look at our top-rated SolaReflex AA Octagon Parabolic cooker
on the right that's so hot, fast, and easy to use, that it has replaced our older
Pyramid solar cooker and SolaReflex 900 cooker.
Click on the right photo for more details.

Here are two of at  the hottest, fastest cooking 24" parabolic cookers made - the SolaReflex 900 shown above and on the right is our new Octagon Parabolic solar cooker, which cooks as fast as the 900 did, but once set, needs no sun adjustment while cooking, has a number of unique cooking attachments. The Octagon Parabolic is extremely durable, and is one of the top rated solar cookers made that will cook family meals, bake bread and Pasteurize water in only 45-90 minutes on sunny days. The 24", 2500SA is a mirror surface, Spun Aluminum center focus parabolic designed for special applications.

Many experienced solar cookers use plastic bags to trap heat around pots, but our unbreakable polycarbonate  ClearDome Clear Dome Pot cover  won't leak and can be used for many years to bake bread and to cook on cold and windy days with our 900 parabolic cooker and new Octagon Parabolic cooker.

Sunset cooking at the beach with our prototype Wood Pellet Camp stove And when the sun goes down, or it's a cloudy and cold day, here's the perfect alternative dry biofuel cooker that uses a waste product--compressed sawdust-- for very fast, clean, and hot cooking. It's available now, and it's called a Wood Pellet Camp and Survival Stove seen on the left, and you can read more about it and see photos of it own our webpage by clicking here. It's actually a very efficient portable cooker that can burn a variety of dried plants like bamboo, wood scraps, or small tree parts with very little smoke. Besides wood pellets, our second favorite fuel is dried and cut bamboo, the fastest growing plant on earth.

Our New Spa Water Heating Clear Film helps keep
Your 8' and smaller hot tub or small pool hot and lower heating bills

Please note: Our spa water heating pads have been replaced with a new low-cost durable clear solar water heating film (shown on a small kiddie pool below) that's just as effective at solar heating as the previous solar spa pads. The solar film pulled over the 50 gallon puddle pool below adds about 3-5 degrees F of heat per hour on sunny summer days.

To see if your exterior, sun exposed hot tub or small pool can use only the free power of the sun to stay hot in spring, summer and early fall,  click here for more information.

This is a new type of lightweight, super durable passive solar water heating clear film designed for sun exposed home spas and small to medium size pools. The special UV-resistant, long life film covers the entire pool or spa and floats on top of the water to allow solar energy to pass through and warm the water 10-15 degrees or more every sunny day while trapping the heat and preventing evaporation. It turns the water into a giant solar heat absorber and reduces heating costs by up to 95% in summer months.

The film is easily cut to fit all shapes of spas or small pool. We're now working on an upgraded second version spa film that does not need to drape over the edge of the spa. It is cut to float on the water surface and has unique flotation edges that prevents curling. It's easier to install and remove than the first version shown here. Watch for photos and updates in coming weeks.

Numerous beta testers from around the US including Hawaii, Mexico, Florida and California have confirmed hot tub water heating temps from our previous pads and the newer film with temps often rising to over 105 degrees F nearly every sunny day in late spring and summer without using their expensive electric heater. One happy customer in Mexico uses them during winter months at their retreat with surprisingly good results. Some owners had to add shade or cool water to reduce the water temperature before soaking.

You hot tub needs all day, unshaded sunlight for the spa film to help generate maximum heat from the sun. The new clear thermal film replaces our first and second generation twin-wall floating solar water heating pads.


Click for more details about our new 3rd generation spa solar water heating film
Photo our new Solar Heating Film warming the water

in a kiddy pool. Click photo for more photos and details.

Two outstanding solar heating products you won't find anywhere else:
ClearDome SolaReflex Diffused Foil & AA Panels
 and BlackFlex Solar Absorption Foil
Improved Diffused SolaReflex Foil reflects an amazing 97.4% of all solar energy!
ClearDome SolaReflex photo (click for info)
Click photo for more SolaReflex details
You can get the fastest, hottest solar heating or cooking possible with our SolaReflex diffused reflective foil (above photo), using your own solar cooker design made with this remarkably lightweight, nearly untearable, waterproof, flexible material. Please note: we've improved upgraded our well-known SolaReflex diffused heavy duty diffused reflective foil and made it stronger, lighter and slightly thinner so it's even easier to use with the same extremely high level of reflectance for maximum radiant energy reflectivity.

It works so well that NASA has been using this same type of material for years to protect the astronauts and their equipment while in outer space. It's very tough and refoldable many hundreds of times. There are many uses for this durable reflector foil at home, at work, and even for your pets! Builders use it as a radiant barrier to better insulate homes.

For even brighter and more directional solar reflections take a look at our mirror surface SolaReflex AA reflector and daylighting panels and mirror surface SolaReflex film. We've found an innovative way to eliminate the need to laminate SolaReflex foil to flat surfaces or parabolics, which improves the reflective surface to a mirror surface. And we're now using a patented process to bond this tough, highly reflective metal surface directly to the surface of flat, bendable polished anodized aluminun 2'x4' sheets, called SolaReflex AA reflectors, that have a polished anodized aluminum substrate. As an added benefit, it has a rock hard invisible protective surface to better protect the surface from scratches, foul weather, UV and salt air.

Combine it with ClearDome's BlackFlex thick aluminum foil below, to design your own very inexpensive, very lightweight, very hot solar oven or solar air heating unit. Discounted bulk sizes of both products are now available.

ClearDome Solar Blackflex Absorption foil

ClearDome Solar Blackflex closeup

ClearDome Solar Blackflex is the ideal flexible, thick flat black (both sides) aluminum foil for absorbing solar energy and directly converting it into heat. It absorbs 88% of sunlight and instantly converts it to heat. Use it for solar air heater and solar oven construction or for any experimental solar heating project where very fast heat generation from the sun is desired.  We used it in our earlier generation ClearDome Solar forced air heaters and for heating demonstrations. It can be formed and folded many times, survives direct flames to over 1,000 degrees F, and while it is non-toxic and non gassing, we suggest not cooking food directly on the surface. Standard size is 2' X 4', shipped rolled in a durable cardboard tube. Discounted prices are available for bulk orders.   Price is only $18 plus S & H. (up to 4 sheets can be shipped for the same shipping fee) Click for questions

Click here to order $18- 2x4' Blackflex foil sheets using PayPal.
Up to four sheets can be shipped for the same shipping fee.


Click to order $75 Blackflex heat absorber foil-2x25' roll.
Overseas shipping fee is twice the default USA shipping fee.

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Heating drapes/Thermal barrier fabric · 5 easy grow-your-own tips · BISFA (solar forced air) heating panels  
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