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New Smartphone Mirror Stand

Incredible Droid smartphone sitting in the new SmartPhone Mirror Stand, with the mirror on the left

For 2-way video calls, Self Portraits and Video clips
Using most Android, Nokia and iPhones with back facing cameras.

Here's a simple way to rest, then align your single camera smartphone on a table or use hand-held so you can see your video caller and yourself on the front side LCD screen while the camera is pointed at you.?Smart phones don't come with tripod camera mounts so there's been no easy way to include yourself with friends in videos or photos without a lot of luck--until now.

Just place your smartphone into our unique mirror stand with the detachable SolaReflex Mirror Reflector facing you and you'll see your live two-way video reflected back to you. For still photos, set your camera phone in the stand on a table, car or shelf, align the camera and use the self timer to take photos of you with your family or friends, not just a close up mug shot like most hand held camera self portraits.

Incredible Droid smartphone sitting horizontally in the new SmartPhone Mirror Stand with mirror removed

It?s the first and only smartphone support stand that includes an unbreakable and removable mirror reflector for 2-way video calls. And you can use the stand to watch movies, your own videos or slide shows on a plane, in your bed, or on an outing.

The stand has two specially angled grooves (shown on left) to hold your smartphone?one in front for viewing reflected 2-way videos and stills, and the other in the back for directly viewing the LCD screen at a 45 degree angle so you don?t have to hold it in your hands for extended viewing. The smartphone can sit horizontally or vertically in the stand, which has non-skid feet attached to the bottom side. Even the new dual (front and backside) camera iPhone 4 and Driod Evo smart phones can use the mirror stand for viewing, or group photos or videos since they won?t connect to a camera tripod.

It's much easier than hand holding your phone when watching movies for long periods of time and much more stable than other stands, especially on bumpy plane rides. Your sturdy wood mirror stand is compact, measuring only 5" x 1" x 4" and easily sets up in seconds. The durable SolaReflex mirror is actually 15% more reflective than typical glass mirrors, is unbreakable since it's made of bendable anodized aluminum, and the specially coated mirror surface is very durable and scratch resistant.

To order your $29.95 delux hardwood Smartphone Mirror Stand, use these safe and secure PayPal order links. Overseas shipping will be higher than the default USA shipping fee shown. If you prefer to order the stand without the unbreakable mirror, click that option in the order box. Processing time is normally about 1-2 weeks.

Smartphone Mirror Stand/with stand only option

Incredible Droid smartphone sitting vertically in the new SmartPhone Mirror Stand with mirror removed

These top-rated SolaReflex AA mirror reflectors are specially made for us and are being used around the world in the solar industry and on a number of our solar thermal products, so they are made to last many years in the worst environments. You can learn more about them and our other unique solar thermal products on our homepage at:

The support base is made of dark hardwood and besides holding your smartphone, it also holds the removable mirror that slides into a slot on the back side of the stand. If you have a wall mounted mirror available, you can take the detachable mirror off and set the stand in view of the mirror to see the camera LCD screen when the phone is placed in the front slot. Many of the older, slower smartphones have thicker bodies than the new higher powered thinner smartphones, and as a result may not fit into the slots. The widest suggested thickness of the phone should be 5/8" or smaller to fit in the slots properly. This size includes any type of protective sleeve surrounding the phone. Also, mostly all of the of the older phones can't use the two way video aps anyway.

The newest high speed smart phones come with two-way live video aps like Tango for Android phones, Fring, and Facetime for iPhones, and others. Skype, which is best known for its outstanding desktop and laptop 2-way video calls, plans to offer a smartphone version by early 2011. All are easy to load and set up to use on WIFI or broadband 3G and 4G data connections.

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