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Two types of solar reflector products are available only from ClearDome Solar Thermal:
-ClearDome SolaReflex 97.4% Diffused Reflective Foil
And AA Flat, Bendable 95.5% Mirror Surface Panels

Diffused Cleardome SolarFlex Foil New improved diffused Cleardome SolaReflexx Foil

New! Our popular SolaReflex diffused diffused foil is about to be replaced
with an upgraded stronger, lighter, more flexible SolaReflexx foil, right photo

After over 12 years of use in variety of applications, we've made some major improvements to our diffused SolaReflex Foil, and in coming weeks it will be available on this web page. It will be called SolaReflexx foil because of so many extra uses and improvements. It is thinner, stronger, more flexible and more resistant to tears, weather and water or stains. And it comes in even larger sizes than before--up to 8' wide by hundreds of feet long. Two pre-cut sizes will be known as SolaReflexx CoolTarp. Watch for the multi-use SolaReflex Survival Buddy and Survival Cocoon. Questions? Would you like more technical information and more details on our upgraded SolaReflexx Foil? Click here to email Deris at

SolaReflex Foil from ClearDome Solar Thermal is the best, most reflective low-cost diffused radiant solar reflector material available for controlling the intense sun's energy for passive cooling, heating, or for daylighting purposes to add more sunlight into a building or to add more daylight to shaded areas. We now have optional sturdy snap-on tear resistant pressure grommets that make it much easier to secure the foil to rope or ties.

SolaReflex foil is also very useful in gardens by reflecting sunlight to planting areas that normally stay shaded. Just attach it to a flat or curved sheet of plastic or wood paneling and set nearby in full sun.

And have look at the new aeroponic Tower Garden food growing system (click for more details) , to see how wrapping SolaReflex foil around the water tank will keep it cooler on hot summer days by reflecting away sunshine and radiant ground heat. We have a smaller custom size available to attach to the tank.

And in larger sizes,we now offer the world's most solar reflective and coolest tarp made--it's about 25% more reflective than Thermal Barrier Fabric and is solid and rainproof. It is a SolaReflex reflective foil product called SolaReflex CoolTarp (click for more details) , that also has optional removable grommets for easy installation anywhere in the hot sun.

It will passively cool spaces underneath the hot summer sun by reflecting large areas of sunlight away from patios, tents, over roofs, RV's and boats, carports, work spaces, animal enclosures, and garden areas that are blasted by too much sunlight. It can also be used to reduce heat loss in cold winter months.

Areas below SolaReflex CoolTarp will stay within about 15 degrees of the ambient air temps. Unlike typical painted or light colored tarps that get very hot underneath in summer sun, CoolTarp has our reflective SolaReflex metalized coated surface on both sides of a rip-resistant center plastic lager that allows only a very small amount of heat to pass through, and no light, keeping that surface and space below it cool.

It's not just a passive summer product because you can also use CoolTarp to drastically reduce heat loss through windows or on structures in freezing winter temperatures. Hang CoolTarp on the inside of windows to reflect nearly all the expensive heat back into the room before it radiates out the glass. It nearly matches the thermal resistance of a well-insulated wall by reflecting radiant energy away from the outside.

New SolaReflex AA flat mirror reflector panel and reflector film update:

New 2x4' ClearDome SolaReflex 95.5% AA light, heat, and solar energy reflector panel SolaReflex flat, bendable 95.5% AA reflector panels --sturdy anodized aluminum sheets specially coated with our SolarReflex reflective surface, then over-coated with an invisible rock hard weatherproof coating on both sides for superior scratch, moisture, and salt air resistance. The protective weather coating causes only a slight loss of reflectivity in exchange for extended continuous outdoor use.

Extreme accelerated age testing confirms a minimum 7-10 year life in all types of outdoor conditions--which is considered the longest life for outdoor solar reflectors. Most other outdoor solar reflectors have a 3-5 year life before the beginning of loss of reflectivity or reflector breakdown. The bendable 2' X 4' mirror surface panels are specially designed to reflect full spectrum sunlight for flat and parabolic trough reflectors being used for solar thermal and concentrated solar PV applications.

They're also ideal for solar daylighting where sunlight is reflected indoors through windows, artificial light enhancement and other solar reflective projects like solar cookers and concentrators with 95% spectral reflection, so they'll generate the highest concentrated heat levels. They are first-surface reflectors and come in standard 2'x4' sheets. More info about our AA reflectors is available on our SolaReflex AA product web page by clicking here.  

Protects the astronauts in space.
It is so effective, this same type of material protects the astronauts and their equipment in outer space.

Our search for the absolute best diffused solar reflecting material available for reflecting solar and radiant heat energy has ended. You can now benefit from over 50 years of private and government research, and NASA's continuing use in the space program to protect the astronauts in space.

Their space suits and spacecraft have depended on this same type of triple-laminated, tear-resistant metallic fabric to protect their lives. Intense, unfiltered solar energy is reflected away, and their body heat is radiated back inside. This near-perfect radiant barrier works as well in outer space as it does on earth--for generating heat as a solar reflector.

Click to order special size 12" x 7.5' SolaReflex Foil for Tower Garden Growing System

Click to order $18 SolaReflex diffused foil 2x4' single sheets-up to four with no extra shipping fee

Click to order bulk $150, 4' x 20' SolaReflex diffused foil
Click to order $195- 4'x51' SolarReflex diffused foil
Click to order $279, full roll-4' x 125' SolarReflex diffused foil

SolarReflex foil is a diffused, but highly reflective material rated at 97.4% reflectivity and .03 emissivity that can be applied to any flat, parabolic or concentrator type solar reflector form where larger focal points are desired. It will withstand severe weather and radiant temperatures from -60 to 400 degrees F. At 6 mils thick, it is very difficult to tear by hand but easy to cut with scissors.

And it can also be used as a daylighting reflector when positioned outside windows to brighten dark rooms and send solar energy (light and heat) back inside. Place it over windows or sunny surfaces to reject all but about 3% of the sun's heat and all light to keep it much cooler inside. It's easy to glue it to a flat surface for more direct reflection.  Or, it will reflect nearly all solar energy away from structures when mounted on a flat surface to keep the interior much cooler. nbsp; Get creative and think of the many other uses some of our customers have discovered. Such as, line the inside of a dog house or farm animal enclosure to reflect body heat back before it radiates away, keeping them much warmer. Even a sheet underneath their pad or pillow keeps them or yourself warmer.

SolaReflex Foil is the key reflector product in a the most solar reflective tarp called "CoolTarp", and is being tested with a winter safety/survival product called the "SolaReflex Survival Cocoon", made completely out of this super sturdy and durable weatherproof foil. It's far more efficient, thicker, stronger and effective than Mylar space blankets for surviving in sub zero temperatures in the most extreme weather conditions.

When surrounded by the large burrito-shaped Survival Cocoon, we've found that body heat alone (an average of 80-100 watts for an average adult) is nearly all reflected back towards the body and only a small amount of heat is lost to the outdoors. In recent tests on a 17 degree night our test subject dressed in only jeans and a tee shirt went from shivering outdoors to near instant warmth in only minutes. The inside cocoon air temps hovered between 65-69 degrees F in 10-15 minutes and stayed there for hours, which is a 30-35 degree heat gain using only the heat of the body. Besides surviving outdoors, other uses include using it indoors on cold nights during power outages, sitting in the stands at winter sports games, and for search and rescue teams that need to treat hypothermia victims.

H2o Labs countertop ultra pure water distiller
NEW H20 Labs Countertop distiller update: We have recently become an affiliate of H2o Labs, the leading manufacture of a full line of ultra pure drinking water distillers, including the top-rated Model 300 SS Desktop Home Distiller , shown above, and larger commercial size stills shown below. Click ad below for more details and to order.

It's much faster than solar stills since in only 5-6 hours it will distill a gallon of pure drinking water with no waste water, as there is with deionized filtration.

It's ideal for everyday use at home or work, and for most emergency situations where safe drinking water is not available. H2o Labs 42 gallon drinking water distiller If you live near an ocean it will completely eliminate salt and other impurities in sea water, which has 35,000 ppm of salt and impurities. Also it is more pure than expensive bottled spring or deionized tap water with only 0-3 parts per million of total dissolved minerals.

In one day, four gallons of ultra pure delicious 99.9% pure drinking water can be distilled or desalinated with the Counter Top 300 SS for only about 30 cents per gallon. Larger automatic industrial grade 8-45 gallon per day Durastills (right photo) are also available, and we will ship around the world from the USA or the UK. Sale prices start at $149.

BlackFlex foil now available for superior heat absorption

Blackflex solar heat absorption foil Use SolaReflex foil along with our thick and durable ClearDome BlackFlex heat absorbing aluminum foil in your own design solar heating device or for any solar heat absorption application. We've used it on our previous exterior forced air heaters because it's an excellent and long-lasting heat absorber material.

It can also be used in solar box ovens or for reading solar generated temperatures. It's permanently colored black, and not painted. It's easy to form and inexpensive and has no gass-off or toxic fumes. BlackFlex is now available to order from the PayPal link below, and costs the same as SolaReflex in 2' X 4' sheets, for only $18 plus shipping and handling. Various discounted bulk sizes up to the full 2' x 25' rolls are available and the Pay Pal order link is below. Email for questions


Click to buy $18- 2x4' Blackflex sheets with PayPal.

Up to four sheets can be shipped in the same shipping tube.


Click to order $75- 2x25' full roll Blackflex foil

Here's why SolaReflex diffused foil  is superior for solar cooking and radiant heat deflection use: Outperforms every other type of solar heating reflector by 15-20%, including aluminum foil, Mylar, glass mirrors and most metals, for hotter, faster cooking and heating!
  • Reflects  97.4% of visible and invisible  solar and radiant heat energy for the brightest, hottest reflection
  • Will withstand radiant temperatures to 400 degrees F, and below 60 degrees F.
  • Safe and non-gassing
  • Easy to glue, tape or staple over wood, paper, plastic, and metal frames or boxes. Make our parabolic or your own design reflector
  • Very lightweight, waterproof, and is very difficult to tear by hand
  • Easy to cut with sharp scissors or knife, but hard to puncture
  • Can be re-formed many times with minimal wear
  • Excellent as a light reflector indoors or outdoors for daylighting purposes or movie production
  • ClearDome SolaReflex foil can only be purchased from us on the Internet and cannot be purchased in retail stores.

    SolaReflex Foil costs only $18 per standard 2' x 4' piece. Discounted bulk orders are also available above.  You can also purchase all products directly from ClearDome Solar in the U.S.A. with money orders by mail. For questions, click here:

    The standard 2' x 4' sheets are rolled into a three inch cardboard shipping tube,and can be shipped overseas. International shipping can double or more than that of the default USA shipping fee shown. Discount PayPal bulk ordering for larger sizes is available on this web page. .

    Use your own black pots and pans by themselves, or surrounded with our ClearDome Box oven, Clear Dome pot cover; or clear plastic bags to prevent heat loss on cold days and in wind and for higher heating levels. For more information about this or any of our other innovative ClearDome Solar heating products including our solar forced air home heaters or solar heating drapes and thermal barrier fabric, please email Deris at:  and visit our homepage at:

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